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Greening Your Pregnancy

Here are some simple things you can incorporate into your pregnancy, your life now and continue as your baby(s) grow!

Share Gently Used

As a first resource, contact friends with babies and see if they have any items they can pass on to you and your baby. Cloth diapers, car seats that have not been in an accident and are 6 years new or better, co-sleepers, baby blankets, clothes (of course), maternity clothes, baby bath tubs… etc etc Goods for babies are generally used a short time and in reasonable condition for using again and again.

Carry a Reusable Water Bottle

We know how much water is needed for baby growth. We need to bring water with us wherever we go- why not use a reusable bottle? Better for you also as there is no plastic leaching into your pure water!

Also consider this for a food container option as well. Great idea to have a selection of snacks in your bag at all times and having a good container makes it that much easier. You will get so much use out of this when your little one is snacking too.

Move Your body

Getting exercise during your pregnancy and after birth keeps everything moving. Walk or bike instead of driving whenever you can. The earth and your body thank you.

Start Gardening Now

There is nothing like eating the food that you grow. Plant a garden now and watch your seeds sprout and turn into nourishing food for your body. By nourishing your garden now you are developing habits to share with your child and teach healthy appreciation for what they eat. (as well as how to grow food themselves). If you’re a complete beginner, check out this post on how to start gardening for beginners.

Green Cleaning

Go through your shelves and take out any unnatural cleaning products. Try to stick to simple ingredients and only buy products that you feel are safe for your baby to be exposed to. Remember- your baby’s system is very delicate and sensitive and they will spend more time in your house than anywhere at first, make it healthy for them! Consider non-toxic cleaning products like this.

Feed Your Skin Healthy For Your Pregnancy

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and any product you put “on” it goes “in” it. Make sure you understand all the ingredients in your products. And SIMPLIFY. Especially during pregnancy and newborn time. Do not use anything questionable and ask your Dr. if you have questions about the safety of any product.

Also, if you are getting a facial be sure to let them know you are pregnant. Surprisingly many many products are not recommended for use during your pregnancy. I would personally also extend that to the time a woman is breastfeeding. Those products go into your skin and your baby will be getting some too.

Give It Away!

As your nesting urge takes hold it is a great time to go through your life, your closets, your garage and pass things along. SIMPLIFY. Things you have been carting around are getting in your way and taking valuable space in your life. Take advantage of this nesting time and make your space work for you. Find a charity or donation drop off you feel good about supporting and lighten your load. Something you are not really using could be used by someone else.

Green Communications

Consider doing a virtual e-card announcement of baby’s birth. Gather your email addresses now so you will have a simple sending out after you have made a card. Taking digital pictures means you can take so many and don’t have to print them all right away. Over time you can pick your favorites and print. Also consider any invites for baby showers etc to be done online to save paper, postage, and time. If you do decide to still do the printed version find a recycled paper to print on.

Find a Lending Library

Find out if you have any local resources for lending or check first at your local library to see if you can get books there before purchasing new.

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